Wednesday, March 11, 2009

International Voice

Learn about Student Government and Student Fee Committee at our university.

PSU has about 1,700 international students from 100 different countries, and we are a big part of the university community.

Have you ever wondered how our tuition has been used for this university?
Especially in this economic situation, tuition raise affects us, international students, the most.
This is the opportunity to get to know how you can get involved in ASPSU, senators, a president, student committee members and so on.
Let our voice be heard.

OIS is grateful for you helping and participating in our events.
We plan various events for international students to have good time, get to know more about other cultures, and assist new students adjust to Portland and America.
We would like to know your new and unique ideas for OIS.

In this event, we are also having a presentation about World Water Day.
World Water Day is recognized every year by the UN on March 22nd to acknowledge the one billion people worldwide without access to clean water.
PSU's capstone class takes a role in promoting this event.
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When: March 13, Friday
Time: 5:00pm till 6:00pm
Where: Multicultural Center, SMSU 228

Free Food and Refreshment

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