Monday, September 21, 2009

Leadership Opportunities at OIS this Fall!!

Look forward to new things at OIS. This coming Fall, we are integrating an Advisory Board into the Organization. This will be a great leadership opportunity. The selected students will gain skills in administrative, creative and social components that go in being a student leader at PSU. It is from the advisory board that the next OIS coordinator will be selected from and also committee heads for international night and other major events. The suggested meeting times for the Advisory board will be twice a month for half an hour.

Advisory Board Membership:-
The advisory board is open to all PSU students and friends of OIS. The Advisory board will have a minimum 5 students and 2 friends of OIS.

Advisory Board Function:-
The Role of the Advisory Board will be to fulfill the mission of OIS. The mission of OIS is:-
1. To provide a supportive meeting place and online network where international and other students may talk and network with one another.
2. To maintain an office, e-mail listserv, and website which acts as a resource and referral service for campus and community organizations addressing the issues and needs of International Students.
3. To provide international, cultural, educational and social events to enhance the campus experience of PSU students, including mentoring new students and supporting International Student Orientation each term.
4. To provide programs and avenues to increase and improve the communication and interaction between the University and the greater Portland international community.

Advisory Board Committees

The Advisory board will function under two committees:-

1. Programming Committee
The purpose of the programming committee will be to develop ideas for programs which are cultural, educational and social events in line with the purpose of OIS. The committee will present these ideas to the advisory board. The advisory board upon discussion will recommend the ideas to the OIS executive members i.e. OIS coordinators.
On the first day of meeting the Programming committee will draw rules and expectations of each member that will govern the function of the committee.

2. Publicity Committee

This committee will work to increase OIS relations with the PSU community and greater Portland. The Publicity committee will develop ideas to increase member involvement in OIS activities. They will also explore new opportunities for OIS to collaborate with other PSU student groups and Portland community organizations.
On the first day of meeting the Publicity committee will draw rules and expectations of each member that will govern the function of the committee.

For more information email us!
Gathoni & Vikram.
OIS cordinators.

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