Thursday, March 3, 2011

Call for Volunteers: The International Sustainability Exhibit

Dear International Students,

The Organization of International Students (OIS) and PSU Sustainability Leadership Center (SLC) are coordinating an “International Sustainability Exhibit” on April 18th. There will be an exhibit run by student and followed by a discussion panel.

We are looking for students interested in sustainability who would like to represent their countries or a country of their interest.

The exhibit starts from 2p until 4pm. Students will need to research some sustainability practices in that country and present them at the exhibit. There will be a table for each country represented. Student also will be meeting with Amanda Leece, the SLC volunteer coordinator, and her team of domestic students on bi-weekly bases.

This is a great event for international students interested in sustainability to meet other domestic students who are already involved in the field, and also share their knowledge with the visitors.

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