Sunday, May 17, 2009

International Night 2009 needs your help!

International Night 2009 will be on this Friday, starting at 5pm.
If you haven't purchased tickets, hurry!
Student: $10, non-student: $12

There will be:
authentic food
country booths
fashion show with traditional clothes
entertainment from various countries

We will be standing at the park block to promote our event this week!

We also need volunteers for our event:
we need volunteers for decorating/cleaning up the SMSU.
please help us spreading a word.
we need food servers.
we need volunteers for setting up the stage in the ballroom.
Country Booths:
please help us setting up the Multicultural Center.
Fashion Show:
Murna, the committee head, would first like to thank the 33 of you that showed up today at our first International Fashion Show rehearsal! Due to your positive participation, we got a lot accomplished.

Those who do not have costumes/"undecided":
A reminder of a few things. The most important thing is that today you had the opportunity to sign up for "dress fittings" for the following days according to your availabilities:
Monday, 18th 3pm-5pm
Tuesday, 19th 11am-12pm
These are the only days and times available with our cultural costume provider. We will meet outside the Smith Ballroom and them walk to our location. Please be there on time because WE WILL DEPART RIGHT ON TIME FOR ALL THESE DAYS.

Final Rehearsal:
Our second and final dress rehearsal is on May 20th, Wednesday at 6pm-9pm in the Smith Ballroom. This rehearsal is a MUST that you attend if you plan on modeling on the actual night of the event, May 22nd Friday. There also will be food and drinks provided at this rehearsal! If you would like to dress up, please do so, it will be good preparation. However, this is not a must.

If you were not able to make it today and you need a cultural costume, please look above at the time that works for you and write to Murna at and title your subject "Intl. Fashion Show Model".

On Wednesday 20th 10pm, the list will be finalized and there will be no additions.

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